OCTOBER 22-23, 2016 

Greater Philadelphia Expo Center - Oaks,PA




NIJICON 虹コン(pronounced knee-gee-kon) is a combination of two Japanese words. "Niji"(虹) which means rainbow and "kon"(コン) which is an abbreviation for the "romanization" of the English word convention. We chose this Japanese name because the shounen-ai(meaning "boy love") genre of manga(Japanese comic books) is what first got us into ALL media that portrays members of the LGBTQ community as main characters. (*Not to mention, the names "Yaoi Con" and "Rainbow Con" were already taken. ^_^)

In a nutshell, Nijicon is a "yaoi/slash/BL(Boys' Love)" convention.  However, Nijicon is a bit different than other yaoi conventions. We are a non-profit organization that is dedicated to highlighting the portrayals, influence, and increasing presence of homosexual couples and individuals in comics, movies, television, and other visual medium. We also wish to encourage dialogue and conversation between fans of these works and the LGBT community.


*Although the media is predominantly "malexmale" at Nijicon, we are completely LGBT friendly. We welcome and encourage everyone to attend!

We have no affiliation with the Romanian anime convention "Nijikon"


Anyone 16+ by October 2015! We aren't aiming to discriminate, so as long as our attendees are all tolerant we should have no problems. All attendees that are 16-17 years old must have a Parental Consent Form in order to enter the event(link is in the Parental Consent area below). 

*Keep in mind, any intolerance and disrespectful behavior will be grounds for expulsion from the convention without refund*


October 24-25, 2015






*These will be updated soon*

The policies, outlined in full below, are in place to help ensure that all of our attendees and guests have fun at Nijicon. Please read and understand these policies before registering for each upcoming convention. If any of them are unclear, let us know, and we'll be happy to clarify them.



Possible sanctions for not adhering to these policies include, but are not limited to: verbal warning, removal from event, removal from the hotel/expo center, revocation of convention badge, and if necessary the police may get involved. Please do not make us go any further than verbal warnings.



**These guidelines are susceptible to change at the discretion of the Nijicon staff. A fully-updated version of these rules will be made available at the information table during the entirety of the convention.**


Please use your common sense. It should go without saying, however, anything illegal outside the convention and hotel/expo center is illegal inside the convention and hotel/expo center. All Federal, State, and Local laws apply and supersede any policies that we have in place.



Tolerance is a major theme at this convention. We wish to have an environment that welcomes people of all races, religions, sexual orientation/identity, lifestyles, etc. So, any intolerance and disrespectful behavior (both verbal and/or physical) will be grounds for permanent, lifetime expulsion from Nijicon without refund.


All badges and age-verified wristbands* must be in plain sight at all times. NO EXCEPTIONS!






Age verified wristbands will be given to attendees upon verification of their age via government-issued ID when they pick up/purchase their badges. If lost, stolen, damaged, etc. you will be able to get a replacement after once again verifying your age as previously mentioned.



Badges, however will not be automatically replaced if lost. So, please keep track of yours. If your badge is damaged, bring the damaged badge to the registration desk and you will be given a replacement once we have the original.



The reason we do not replace lost badges is for security reasons. We do not want an issue in which people abuse the system to let in people who have not paid the registration fee. It is unfair to us(the people who plan/fundraise for Nijicon) and all of the attendees who have paid their fees.



However, if you legitimately lose your badge or it is stolen, it will be replaced for a $15 fee after verification that you have already paid the initial registration.


All general attendance registrations are nonrefundable and nontransferable.  

*Refunds regarding other areas of the convention will be outlined in those sections.*


Please remember that Nijicon will be sharing GPEC(Greater Philadelphia Expo Center) with other event guests. So be courteous and respectful towards them. This may be a 16+ convention, but since GPEC is a public area, children may be present at any given time.



Anyone who damages GPEC property (i.e., the lobbies or convention rooms) will be held financially responsible and be subject to ejection from the Convention. Depending on the extent of the damage, GPEC is well within their rights to press charges against attendees for destruction of their property.



During your time at GPEC, we ask that you be mindful of the other guests in the expo center(especially the ones that are not part of the convention). Be quiet and courteous in the hallways. And as a general courtesy, keep all doorways and hallways clear. If you wish to talk and socialize with friends and other attendees, please move out of high-traffic areas.



Basically, all it takes is one complaint, and Nijicon might not be able to return to GPEC for the following year. Our convention is a unique one that many other hotels/event spaces did not want to take a chance on. So, in order for us to continue Nijicon in future years, please be mindful of your behavior.



**Other GPEC policies will be outlined in the rest of the guidelines and other areas of the convention**


Nijicon is an adult convention, so we expect our attendees to conduct themselves in a mature manner.



The following actions are examples of unacceptable behaviors:

Blocking hallways, doors, and exits

Running in the hallways

Fighting(both real and mock) and Roughhousing.

Loud noises(either by individuals, music, computers, etc.)

Excessive levels of PDA (Public Displays of Affection)

*Keep it PG-13, everyone. If you have to, take it to your hotel room.

Glomping, hugging, touching, or harassment of anyone without their consent

Selling of anything(with the exception of artists and vendors in their respective areas)



*The above list is not all inclusive. So, if a Nijicon staffer or GPEC employee asks a reasonable request of you, please comply with it.



Nijicon is not liable for any injuries, should they occur. We, of course will provide first-aid supplies as needed and call the proper authorities depending on the seriousness of the injury. An EMT will be on staff during the event.



Basically, be smart and use your common sense.

And when in doubt, follow the Golden Rule--treat others the way you would want to be treated.


*Outside Food and Drinks are not allowed in the convention areas at any time.*



GPEC will be selling refreshments at the snack bar.



However, in the privacy of your hotel room, car, etc. you are allowed to have whatever food/drinks you like as long as they are within the parameters of state and federal law.


As with all conventions, expect to spend a good amount of time waiting in lines(especially for the more popular events). It’s unavoidable, but please be respectful to your fellow attendees as well as the staff.



 Anyone caught “cutting in line” will immediately be sent to the back of the line.



 Also, please do not block the areas surrounding doorways or block the flow of traffic when waiting in line.

Nijicon staffers will be on hand to direct traffic and manage lines.


Nijicon and GPEC are not responsible for any lost or stolen property.



If you do lose an item or suspect it has been stolen, please report to the Lost & Found. The Lost & Found will be located in the Convention Operations room. If your item is in the Lost & Found, be prepared to describe it in detail to the Nijicon staffer on hand in order to get it back(*If you find an item that doesn't belong to you, please turn it in to the Lost & Found).



*If an attendee is caught stealing, they will be immediately ejected from the convention and be turned over to the proper authorities.


Feel free to take as many pictures as you'd like of your Nijicon experience!



However, there are some simple rules to keep in mind:



Please do not block the hallways or hold up traffic in order to take pictures. Try to step off to the side and out of the way of traffic.



Flash photography will not be allowed in any event where they will cause a distraction, specifically panels and screenings

(Think movie theater etiquette).



Photography(of any kind) is NOT permitted in the Artist Alley. Vendors in the Dealers’ Room have the right to ask that photographs not be taken of their merchandise. Please ask if you are not sure of the individual vendors’ policy.



Now, the proper procedure for taking a picture of a cosplayer/attendee/guest is to ask for permission first and then find a suitable spot to take the picture. If the person declines the request, please respect their decision. Just because an individual is attending Nijicon, it doesn’t mean they are obligated to pose for pictures.


Attendees/Guests/Vendors of Nijicon are granting permission to be photographed or recorded by authorized Nijicon staffers. By purchasing your registration, you are inherently granting Nijicon the permission to use such photos or recordings for promotional or chronicling purposes.



In the event of interviews and other features, attendees will be asked before participation.



*If you are press interested in filming/photographing Nijicon, please contact us via email*


Nijicon will be taking place in mid-autumn, so please be mindful of this. If you are not familiar with the weather of the Philadelphia area, October is usually windy and chilly. Wearing layers is your best bet to stave off the cold.



Now, as avid con-goers ourselves, we at Nijicon welcome all costumes and look forward to you creativity. However, please do not wear anything that will obstruct views, disrupt traffic, or be deemed inappropriate by the convention or GPEC staff. There are going to be quite a few people, so please be respectful of everyone’s personal space.



Nijicon staff members as well as the staff of GPEC reserve the right to ask an attendee to change their clothes/costumes if they are inappropriately dressed.



If your costume includes a full-face mask, we ask that it only be worn in the convention areas.


No weapons, of any kind, are permitted at Nijicon or inside GPEC.



GPEC does not allow weapons and Nijicon wishes to adhere to that regulation. It's as simple as that. Any person found with a weapon, either real or fake, will be asked to remove it from the convention area. Depending on the degree of transgression, offenders of this policy will be escorted out of Nijicon. Failure to comply, will result in confiscation of the weapon and your badge as well as whatever charges that GPEC decides to press against the offending individual.




All Props must adhere to the following guidelines:



  They must be made of cardboard, plastic, foam, or similar materials

  Must be less than 7ft in any direction and less than 50lbs

  No prop can have sharp edges

  Do not have chains longer than 18in



Any props pertaining to a sexual nature are prohibited



Nijicon reserves the right to deem any prop unsuitable for the convention space.



*Play it safe: Please only include props if they are

ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to the overall costume.


Signs that are an integral part of a cosplay are acceptable.



All other signs are not allowed. This includes signs written on any medium such as: paper, cardboard, handwritten onto T-shirts, etc. Signs that could be considered solicitation are not allowed. For example, a sign reading "FREE HUGS" is not allowed. Also, signs with anything inappropriate on them will be confiscated.


Due to the large amount of people, Nijicon cannot guarantee that everyone will be able to get an autograph from the guests. There is a time limit on autograph sessions that we will be strictly adhering to that is in accordance with each guest’s preference. However, we do want to ensure that as many people as possible are able to interact with the guests, so please keep the lines moving. We recommend writing down in advance anything that you wish to say to the guests(in case you forget).



Guests will be happy to autograph their own work or any officially licensed merchandise. Guests reserve the right to refuse to sign anything due to suspicion of counterfeit or their own discretion(You are more than free to ask, but if a guest declines, please respect their decision). There is a limit of 2 autographs per person and there will be no flash photography at the autograph sessions unless otherwise noted.



Guests may accept small gifts that they can stash in their luggage at their disclosure. We ask that all gifts are not wrapped because we will need to check them before they are given to the guest. Guests will not accept any food. Also, please do not visit any guest's private quarters (Respect their space).



Nijicon reserves the right to make changes to the Guest and Autograph Policies as the circumstances or guests dictate.


Nijicon is only open to attendees that are 16 or older as of October 24th, 2015.




*Please also see the section below on Parental Consent.*


All attendees younger than 18 years of age as of October 24th, 2015 must have a completed parent/legal guardian consent form on file with Nijicon

(You can print out the form from the link below).

 If you cannot present a completed parental/legal guardian consent form upon registration, you will not be allowed into the event. Any minors(16 and 17 year olds) without a completed parental consent form on file, regardless if they have already paid their registration fees, will NOT be admitted into Nijicon. 

There must be one SIGNED consent form per EACH MINOR.

Parental Consent Forms are available [here] for download and will be on hand at the registration/information table throughout the duration of the convention itself.


Nijicon will have 18+ events during the course of the convention and our artists/vendors will be selling wares that are intended for a mature audience.



Attendees who wish to attend one of these events or purchase these items MUST  have 18+ bracelets( Available at registration table for free once valid ID has been presented -- we accept any form of government ID, i.e. Driver‘s Licenses, State Photo IDs, Passports, etc.). Rooms will be cleared out prior to all 18+ events.



There is absolutely no admittance into an 18+ event without an age-verified wristband.



When purchasing adult materials(art, dvds, etc.) We ask that you keep anything graphic(nudity, extreme violence, etc.) in opaque bags or tubes to prevent minors from viewing them.


All information that we collect will be for our use only and will not be shared with any third party.



All payments will be done online through Paypal or in person with cash or a secure POS system.


Please let us know of any special needs that you may have when you register for the convention

(A section will be provided in the registration form).

Once again, these regulations are not to ruin anyone’s fun. They are for the safety of everyone involved and so that we can have a great convention.

For any other questions,

please email us via the contact tab above!